A Travel Guide to Barcelona for Budget Travelers

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, and is one of the biggest travel destinations in Europe. People who think they need to spend a lot of money to visit Barcelona may be pleasantly surprised to find out there are a variety of affordable ways to enjoy the city. Here is a budget traveler’s guide to Barcelona.


Barcelona is served by Barcelona International Airport located about 10 kilometers outside of the city. From the airport, budget travelers can opt to take the Renfe train from terminal 2, or the daytime or nighttime buses. Within Barcelona travelers might opt to take a tourist bus. This is a hop-on hop-off tour bus that is perfect for first time visitors to Barcelona, or for those with limited time in the city. There is also public transportation via bus and metro. Travelers can travel for free within zone 1, and save on a variety of other attractions by getting a Barcelona card.


While there are a lot of luxury and high-end hotel options, there are also a variety of more affordable accommodation options for the budget traveler. There are several affordable hotel options including 1 to 3 star rated hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts (also known as a guest house). Camping, like in nearby El Masnou, can be a great option for budget travelers to spend time around Barcelona, and gives people the option to see the nearby natural wildlife as well. For those looking to stay for a longer period of time in Barcelona, or for those traveling with a group of people (like families), renting an apartment offers travelers some of the comforts of home while traveling.

Arts and Culture

Barcelona is the home of some of famed architect Antoni Gaudi’s most famous works including La Sagrada Familia , Park Guell, and Casa Calvet. Spanish painter Pablo Picasso is known for being the father of the cubist movement in art, and over 4000 pieces of his work can be found in the Museu Picasso. The city of Barcelona has a unique mix of Spanish and Catalan culture and history. Those who want to learn more about this city’s history, dating back to ancient Roman times, can do so at Museu d’Història de la Ciutat de Barcelona. The Spanish Guitar Concert in Barcelona is the perfect place for those who love Spanish guitar music.


One of the most well-known aspect of Spanish food and dining culture is tapas, which is a meal comprised of appetizers. Tapas is a great way to be able to try a variety of Spanish foods in a single meal. Spanish cuisine, and particularly Barcelona’s location along the Mediterranean, means that the cuisine includes a variety of seafood and fresh vegetables. Barcelona is a big cosmopolitan, and travelers will be able to find a variety of international cuisine options, like Italian, Japanese and more. It’s perfect for any budget or pallet.


Travelers who want to go out and enjoy the nightlife will be able to find a variety of great nightlife options in Barcelona. There are nightclubs in a variety of locations across the city, including along the beach. Barcelona’s warm and temperate climate means that visiting a nightclub late in the evening (until early in the morning) is a great experience. For those who want to get out in the evening and see some unique culture in Barcelona, a visit to a Flamenco show is a unique experience that every budget traveler in Barcelona should do.


Barcelona is located along the Mediterranean coast and has over 4 kilometers of sandy beaches to enjoy. The beaches in Barcelona offer travelers the opportunity for swimming, of course, but many of the beaches here include a variety of attractions and activities like public showers, volleyball pitches, windsurfing, sailing, Wi-Fi access, and more. Another great fact about Barcelona is that many of its public beaches can easily be accessed by public transportation, making spending time at the beach a great thing for budget travelers to do.

If you going to be traveling to Barcelona, Spain learn about the variety of ways you can have a great trip without spending a fortune on accommodations or tourist activities.