Camping Holidays – Essential Hints and Tips!

Whether you are looking for an adventurous outdoor trip or an excursion with your family or just a temporary escape from your fast paced life, a camping holiday is the best getaway possible. Camping holiday provides an environment that is free from the normal stress of everyday life and gives you the chance to spend quality time with your near and dear ones.

If you live in the UK, there are a number of destinations that you could go camping to. These include places like Dover, New Forest, Peak District, Folkestone, Ullswater, Kent, Skye, Edale, Dunvegan, Glenridding etc.

Before you embark on your journey into the wilderness, go through the following hints and tips, essential for camping in Kent or elsewhere in the UK.

While Planning the Trip

Below are some tips that will help you arrange and plan a smooth camping trip:

Book ahead of time: If the holiday season’s approaching, you might want to book a campsite well-in-advance to avoid disappointment.

Consider the facilities: There are campsites in Kent which offer you just the basic facilities and some which provide all luxuries. Choose what you would like to do more – enjoy the novelty of the outdoor experience or pick a campsite with all amenities.

Put up the tent at home first: It is essential that you practice putting up your tent at home first. It’ll help ensure that your tent is complete and you know how it is to be put up.

Important items to carry along: Make sure to carry these things with you – tent, bedding – sleeping bags, mallet, tent pegs, torch/battery light, container, camping gas (, matches, cool box/bag, pan, kettle, washing up liquid, bowl for washing up, toilet roll, towels etc.

Take warm clothing: As we all know, the British weather is extremely unpredictable. Even on a warm summer night, the temperature can drop significantly, so remember to carry some warm clothing.

Carry a first aid kit: It is important to be prepared for any injuries. In your first aid kit, you should have bandages, latex gloves, wound cleanser, and cold packs.

While Camping

CampingHolidaysA few tips on what you should do to make your camping experience comfortable:

Try to reach the site before dark: It’ll be safer and easier for you if you reach the camping site before it gets dark.

Choose the pitch carefully: Look for a place which is not too close to the hustle bustle of the shower/toilet block but close enough to access it quickly.

Use a groundsheet: While most of the tents come with their own groundsheets, it is always recommended that you purchase a cheap tarpaulin and put it on the ground before pitching your tent. It will provide protection against sharp stones and help you keep dry.

Keep your bedding dry: Sleeping on an inflatable bed and preventing it from touching the outer wall of your tent can help you keep the bedding dry. Using a self-inflating mattress or a foam roll-mat will also provide you a high level insulation.

Don’t get lost: It is a major mistake that most of the campers make. You can avoid wandering too far away from the campsite by carrying a few basic equipment with you – map, compass, and GPS device. Before setting out on your trip, learn to use these.

Avoid using fragrances: It is best not to use perfumes, colognes, and fragrant lotions because bugs tend to be attracted to them.

Practice good hygiene: When packing up, wrap all personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, soap, and washcloth separately in aluminium foil to ensure that rest of the items in your bag stay dry.

These Hints and Tips are essential for Camping Holidays and contribute in making your camp experience a delightful one. A well-planned and thought out holiday is always more enjoyable.